Hi, I'm Retro, but you already know it by my Homepage ;)
Let me tell you something more about me! I'm a technology enthusiast, and nostalgic for the way the internet used to look in the first 00s. That's why this websites exists!

I'm an italian boy, grown with the passion for computers and how everything behind their screen works.
I started to learn something in middle school creating simple scripts in batch, moving then to Visual Basic, Just Basic, C++ and C#.

During my university courses I've deepened my C, Java and Python knowledges, developing an always growing interest in cybersecurity, the field in which I currently work.
In my spare time I still like to study, practice, play CTFs as a Reverse Engineer with my team Hackappatoi.

But I've not spent my golden years stuck to my PC screen... I also spent my time playing PS1 and GameBoyAdvance (and sometimes touching some grass...)
My favourite saga is Resident Evil (you have probably already noticed this), and my first platinum trophies have been on Crash Bandicoot 2 and Spyro 2 (and guess which Resident Evil and Parasite Eve I played first?)

In my website I will share many things about hacking, coding, videogames and some of my thoughts. Enjoy your time here!